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Robot handling expert

We can provide the domestic industry with tailor-made high-end users cost-effective equipment.

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Company Profile

Changzhou Chuangsheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a young, vibrant company. The company focuses on designing various types of non-standard automated weighing systems and robotics at the core of automatic palletising systems, production, research and development. Products have been widely used in many industries chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed and logistics. Is a professional support integrators and value Swedish company ABB robot systems provide partners.

Changzhou Shing Although there is no long history, but the company has a highly qualified workforce. It is our young, we can promptly absorb nutrients foreign advanced technology, and the gathering advantages of domestic and foreign counterparts, providing excellent facilities to our customers and provide reliable service.

 Our long-term focus on the needs of users, the user's habits is understood that in the teaching system, the demand for schools is clear. And we with ABB companies have close cooperation, our equipment systems in the selected electrical components are internationally renowned brand products, we can feel confident that our products can replace imported. We can provide customized, cost-effective equipment for the domestic industry's high-end users. Chuangsheng Enterprise Chinese companies will contribute to a force in industrial automation. Changzhou Chuangsheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. look forward to working with you!