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The future development of the palletizer
Published:2015-5-17  Views:2673
Palletizer extremely low failure rate. In the grain and oil processing plant, stacking machine is used for database heap package meal and oil bottle boxes stack package and on vehicles and other processes. Palletizing machine in normal operation, into the packet, subcontract, ranked bags, push package, coding, unpacking, empty input trays, carrying trays and other processes according to the output of the set procedures, and a display signal, the operator It can only do care.

As a result of the rotation mechanism, two-way open unpacking station and automatically moderate organization, stack layer coding reasonable, sealed bags inwards, so that stack neatly shaped four weeks, with high stacking quality.

Palletizers replace human labor, saving stacking and management costs, so the warehouse orderly stack package site, improve the working environment, enhance the corporate image.

However, stacking machine also need to constantly improve organizational performance, such as cardboard boxes, bags or unit-level product needs further improvement. The current distribution and supply chain more complex, faster and faster, the main challenge facing the palletizer in new product handling and distribution methods.