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The main structure of the palletizer
Published:2015-5-17  Views:3371
Robot palletizer consists of machine body, servo drive system, the arm mechanism, the end effector (gripper), the end adjustment mechanism and the detection agencies, according to the different parameters of packaging materials, stacking order of layers and other requirements settings to achieve palletizing different types of packaging materials. Divided by function into the bag, steering, exhaust bags, grouping, grab bags palletizing, pallet magazine, pallet conveyor and the corresponding control system and other institutions.
(1) into body bags. Completed by belt conveyor for bags palletizing tasks.
(2) a steering mechanism. According to set procedures for turning the bag choreography.
(3) discharge body bags. By belt conveyor to the bag to the plot choreographed body bags.
(4) product body bags. By belt conveyor centrally choreographed bags.
(5) grab the bag palletizing institutions. Adoption agencies to complete palletizing robot palletizing.
(6) pallet magazine. A stack of pallets from the truck away, one by one according to the program to the tray discharge roller conveyor, a regular supply of empty pallets to stacking process, reaching into a pile layer after tray 8, conveyed by the roller conveyor to a stack tray library, and finally removed from the truck to the warehouse storage, the system uses a programmable logic controller (PLC) control.
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